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What's New in CyberStore for SYSPRO v 2.16

CyberStore for SYSPRO v 2.16 contains a new Widget Architecture Library, UI updates to the console, control modifications and improvements, new speed and caching performance updates as well as stability items. There have been a lot if new developments under the hood that help accelerate CyberStore.

We also continue to expand and update our new online documentation portal.

Below are just a few of the features included in the release.
For more details, review the Application Release Notes.

New and Modified Controls
New and Modified XSLT Files
Front End Control Improvements
CyberStore Widget Library
New Web Service Operations
Shoppers Who Buy "This" Buy "That"
Updated Hot Spot Diagram Display
Customer Email Notifications
Price Cache Performance Improvements
Support For Additional TPM Pricing Options
Controlling Tax Exemption by CyberStore Tax Settings
Bug Fixes in Version 2.16